Ring Forth Web Studio


Jim FitzsimonsHallo and welcome to Ring Forth Web Studio. My name is Jim Fitzsimons and I’m a freelance designer and web developer based just outside Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been building web pages almost since there was a web to build them on, creating my first hypertext projects at university in North London back in 1992/3. Since then I’ve stayed as up-to-date as possible while web technologies changed dramatically.

As HTML evolved to XHTML (and then back again, to HTML 5), JavaScript / jQuery and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) arrived on the scene and server-side scripting allowed the web to become more dynamic and interactive, I’ve found myself learning each new technology in the hope that it doesn’t become obsolete too quickly!

WordPressA few years ago, I decided to switch to PHP and to begin using WordPress as my development platform (rather than the custom-built ColdFusion system I’d been using until then). This ultimately means sites can be developed more quickly, and to an increasingly widely-used standard allowing easy updates and modification when required.

Whether you’re looking for a small brochure site or a larger dynamic online application, I offer high quality web development, with accessible code that meets the most exacting web standards. Plus enough Search Engine Optimisation to ensure the end result gets noticed. All tailored to meet your budget.