Nuffield Bioethics

  • Nuffield Bioethics

    The Nuffield Council on Bioethics is an independent UK body that examines and reports on ethical issues in biology and medicine. Working for London-based agency, Public Life, and based on their design; I created a completely custom WordPress theme for the new Nuffield Bioethics website. Fully responsive and built using the latest HTML5 / CSS3 standards (while retaining backwards compatibility for several browser generations) the site acts both as a showcase for current Nuffield projects and a comprehensive archive of past work. Once the site was built, it was necessary to migrate and integrate all existing content (from a Drupal-based website).

  • Our Museum

    Our Museum is a programme to facilitate development and organisational change within museums and galleries in the UK. Working for London-based agency, Public Life, and based on their design; I created a completely custom WordPress theme for the new Our Museum website. The site is, of course, fully mobile responsive and the bulk of it consists of an extensive resource library which can be searched and filtered using a custom AJAX interface. The resources comprise documents, images, videos and audio files – all of which are appropriately presented.

  • Vitrocsa Minimal

    Having already created a custom WordPress site for Paul+O Architects, they contracted me to build a second site for their Vitrocsa Minimal product line. Based on the existing (appropriately “minimal”) site design, the Vitrocsa Minimal website is fully mobile responsive and makes extensive use of custom-built jQuery slideshows and image galleries to showcase the products.

  • Sophia Bennett official site

    Sophia Bennett is a UK-based writer. The author of several successful novels for young adults, Sophia wanted a website that could both showcase existing books and allow her to keep fans updated about new work, as well as any talks, signings or other planned public appearances. I built Sophia’s original WordPress site back in 2010. Five years later she contacted me again to carry out an upgrade and overhaul (the intervening years having seen “mobile responsiveness” go from esoteric curiosity to absolute necessity). I installed an off-the-shelf theme, tweaked it to meet client requirements and imported the existing content to provide a seamless transition from one version of the site to another.

  • Musical Bridges

    Musical Bridges is a not-for profit organisation in the UK helping to support pupils’ musical learning when they move to secondary school, as well as helping primary and secondary schools to work together to improve transition generally. Working for London-based agency, Public Life, and based on their design; I created a completely custom WordPress theme for the new Musical Bridges website. Fully responsive and built using the latest HTML5 / CSS3 standards (while retaining backwards compatibility for several browser generations) this is a bold, graphically rich website that provides information, in text and video format, as well as a library of audio tracks.

  • Eilish O'Carroll

    Eilish O’Carroll is an actress, writer and comedienne most famous for playing the character Winnie McGoogan in the hit television comedy, Mrs Brown’s Boys. More recently, her award-winning one-woman show garnered rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival.

    Eilish wanted a site where she could post news and reviews, as well as allowing others to contact her. The site includes photo and video galleries and has been built with an eye to responsive design, so it can be viewed on mobile devices as well as larger screens.

  • Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

    This website was set up in the wake of the Mark Kennedy revelations to act as news feed, events diary and blog for the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS) – an alliance of people spied on by Britain’s political secret police.

    The site is built on a simple, custom WordPress theme. It is fully mobile responsive and includes a comprehensive Events Diary / Calendar, as well as standard blog and news functionality.

  • Vogel Wakefield

    Vogel Wakefield are experts in reputation: what defines it, where it’s at risk, and what action boards should take to strengthen and protect it. They wanted a website that could both act as a brochure for their services while also providing a regular blog, allowing them to publish articles and case-studies relevant to the field of reputation management.

    Built to a supplied design, using WordPress, the site can be easily updated by the staff at Vogel Wakefield and provides them with an opportunity to interact directly with their clients, potential clients and the wider public.

  • OnePlusOne KnowledgeBank

    OnePlusOne is a UK charity that creates resources that strengthen relationships. Working for London-based agency, Public Life, and based on their design; I created a custom WordPress theme for OnePlusOne’s KnowledgeBank microsite. Fully responsive and built using the latest HTML5 / CSS3 standards (while retaining backwards compatibility for several browser generations) the site is effectively a library of downloadable files that can be efficiently searched, browsed and sorted using a variety of filters.

  • Paul+O Architects

    Paul+O Architects is an award-winning London-based architectural practice. Having outgrown their previous static-HTML website, Paul+O decided to rebuild from the ground up. Using a supplied design, I created a simple but effective WordPress-driven site that allows the client to update their portfolio and press page as often as required as well as providing news updates and other information. The front-end is built using HTML 5 (though backwards compatible with older browsers).

  • Loreto College

    Loreto College, Foxrock, is a private Secondary School located in South Dublin. Working with Dublin-based agency, Pillar Projects, I upgraded their previous Joomla-based website which was several years old; importing the existing site content (and adding new elements) into a modern responsive Joomla! template. The project included generating a custom Joomla! component as well as heavily customising an existing template to fit a supplied design.

  • Marten & Co

    Marten & Co are a financial services company based in London, UK. They offer investment advice to high net worth individuals and institutions. Looking to create a simple but elegant web presence, they contracted me to create a WordPress-driven website tailored to their target audience and which could be easily updated given the fast-moving nature of their business. Based on a supplied design, it was vital that the site be built using responsive elements, allowing it to be accessed on the latest mobile devices.

  • Applewood Homecare

    Applewood Homecare are a premier homecare provider in the Irish market. They aim to provide professional, reliable and safe in-house homecare through their experienced, dedicated and qualified staff. Lacking a web presence, Applewood initially sought to create a basic online brochure that would showcase their services as well as offering existing and potential clients a convenient way to discover more about the company, contact them online, and download a variety of relevant information.

    From design, through development (using WordPress) right through to deployment and launch, Ring Forth Web Studio handled the project from beginning to end.

  • Pictures of Life

    Pictures of Life is an exhilarating piece of choral music written by renowned composer Lionel Oscar Segal in three movements for choir, soloists and orchestra. Built using WordPress and to a lovely supplied design, this website was created to promote the various UK-wide performances during 2012, as well as providing information about the piece and how different groups – schools, community organisations, etc. – can put on a performance of their own.

  • Typecast Creative

    Typecast Creative is a London-based graphic design studio run by Rob Sutton. Responsible for a diverse range of branding projects, poster campaigns and websites, Typecast contracted me to take their existing static HTML website and expand it while converting to a WordPress-driven system. Working to a tight budget, a blog was added to the basic portfolio site, along with an additional gallery and other pages.

  • All Being Well

    All Being Well is a consultancy that helps individuals and organisations achieve improved performance through coaching, workshops and distance learning. Based on a supplied design, this WordPress-driven site offers plenty of information about the company and their methodology. More interestingly – from a technical standpoint – the website includes front-end registration and log-in limiting access to certain information only to registered clients.

  • Hunter Design Associates

    Hunter Design Associates is an interior design practice based in Surrey. Established in 1996 by Sue Hunter to provide a professional Interior Design service to private, commercial and public clients, they specialise in the healthcare sector and are committed to improving the standard of design within the NHS. Designed in collaboration with the client, the new Hunter site replaces static HTML with a new WordPress-powered version, and includes a bespoke portfolio system, image slideshows and a full blog.

  • Joanna Pawlowska official site

    Joanna Pawlowska is a London-based artist with interests in the subjects of migration, strangeness and social isolation. Painting is her main medium of expression but she also works in printing and photography. Working to a tight budget and a supplied design, I created a site that allows Joanna to showcase her art, via customisable image galleries, as well as communicate her ideas through a fully-featured blog.

  • Time to Change

    AMDEA is the UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances. It represents over 80% of the domestic appliance industry. They run “Time to Change“, the UK segment of a pan-European initiative to help tackle climate change by encouraging the upgrade of 188 million old appliances, still in use in homes across Europe, to modern energy efficient models. Their existing site had no content management system and when they decided to upgrade to WordPress they also made the decision to completely redesign the website. I provided both the design and the CMS development for the project.

  • Granular Investments

    Granular Investments is an independent specialist advisor and arranger in corporate finance and credit risk transfer. This simple brochure and newsfeed site was the first WordPress site I ever built. It wouldn’t meet modern standards of responsive design, but the fact that it’s still live and being updated seven years later has to be a good sign!



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